Effectively remove common residential liquid & thick stains from fabrics

Stains make your life difficult? Meet Kets Easy Life: an environment-friendly cleaning technology created by the Kets R&D Team to add value to all product groups we offer. Having been developed as part of our commitment to offer better and more comfortable products to our customers worldwide, this innovative treatment makes cleaning of even the most stubborn solid and liquid stains easy and effortless. While it is not intended for high liquid repellency, it provides the required repellency level for all liquid stains to achieve super-fast and effective cleaning on all stains using water and soap only. The best part is that, being a permanent treatment process, Kets Easy Life will not wash away with usage. Another major benefit is that it minimizes the need for washing sofa covers, which means less water, less detergents, less wastage and a greener planet. Besides, all chemicals used in the process are certified by Greenpeace and OEKO-TEX for not containing any substances that may be harmful to human health. Haven’t met Kets Easy Life yet? -

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