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Acting sustainably is part of the KETS corporate philosophy and a driving pillar of our business model. Rolefin; a brand of KETS is the first textile-recycled olefin yarn developed to produce furniture fabrics that has been converted from pre-consumer textile wastes consists of by-product materials from fiber, yarn and fabrics. Rolefin brings textile waste to new use, with zero water consumption, less energy use in production processes and has a Recycled Claim Standard 2.0.Certification.

ROLEFIN has all the following features :

- Zero Water Consumption During Production Processes

- Made of Textile Wastes- Recycled

- Recyclable (up to 7 times)

- Contains No Harmful Chemicals

- Energy Efficient

- Low CO² emissions

- Certified by Recycled Claim Standard 2.0

(GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARDS) Click for the certificate
(RECYCLED CLAIM STANDARD) Click for the certificate



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