- Heavy duty high performance fabrics

- Designed for heavy traffic seating areas (i.e busy homes bustling with activity, healthcare, hospitality, food and beverage, senior living and contract settings )

- Easy to clean technology (water and soap only)

- Powerful stain resistance and soil release with superior permanent

protection against odors , moisture and mildew.

- Impenetrable but breathable moisture barrier

- Antimicrobial treatment

- Resistance to the growth of odor-causing microbes

- Resistance to the deterioration and staining from mold and mildew

- Compliance with heavy duty performance criteria (high durability)

- Sustainable technology-free from potentially harmful substances.

- Environmentally friendly chemistry

- Compliance with flame resistance standards

Performance -Technology -Safety


Never use bleach or any chemical other then soap when removing stains on any upholstery fabric as those may cause fabric to discolour.

Do not use much fluid when cleaning fabric as this may spread the stain and possibly damage the sofa upholstery.

Do not use any tumbler dryler if the fabric is wet after cleaning process.

After cleaning process, in order to re-activate EASY LIFE feature, always make sure to dry the wet area either with iron or hair dryer.

If soap was used during cleaning process, please wet the fabric a few times and soak up with a paper towel. Please do so until excess soap is removed.

Hanging drying should be preferred.

The quicker you clean stains, the easier they can be removed. In case, the stain can’t be removed perfectly due to delay on cleaning or any other reasons, spray some soapy water on the stain and wipe off with a cloth

Wiping cloth should not leave any pile or colour on the fabric. Microfibre cloth is recommended for cleaning


Please spray water instead of pouring on the sloping or vertical surfaces.

Do not apply extreme pressure while cleaning the fabric. Do not use abrasive cleaning equipments such as brush

Always use the clean part of the paper towel or cloth while cleaning, otherwise stain might be spreaded.

In case of washing the fabrics which are suitable, first clean the fabrics described in the “Cleaning Instructions” and then wash at 30 ° C by hand or machine with sensitive washing programme

Duration of the stains, different stain characteristics, inappropriate cleaning methods and the way of stain formation may effect the cleanability features of the fabrics.

Remove the excess stain with a help of a spoon make sure that whole excess stain material is removed.

Apply some water and soap the the affected area.

Soap and water need to be penetrated to stain. Wipe the fabric bit a microfibre cloth without pressing too much. Repeat the stain removing instructions until the stain removes.


Kets Ultra fabrics are warranted against the fabric becoming unusable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions. So we stand behind our fabrics during normal usage conditions.


This warranty does not cover damages from misuse or abuse, improper installation. KETS liability is limited to this warranty. KETS reserves the right to inspect fabric for claim. KETS guarantees that it will provide new equivalent fabric to replace the fabric that is unusable. - © kets ultra technology



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